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Venture Church – Venture Church is a faith community full of real people dedicated to helping others find & follow Jesus. Gatherings at 9:00 & 10:45.

59 0 22-06-2017
  1. Our High School group, TRIBE, kicks back off again tonight at 7'!! If you missed out on last weeks meet up, you won't want to miss this weeks, held right inside the main lobby at Venture Church every Wednesday! And for all of you Jr. Higher's, we'll see you at 6:45 for Venture678 in the Student Center! #venturechurchca #encinitas #venturetribe #venture678 #youthgroup #youthministry

37 0 20-06-2017
  1. Yesterday we started our new series for the summer, titled 'Summer Fruit'. The series will be speaking on the Fruit of the Spirit: “But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control." ‭‭- Gal 5:22 Pastor Troy asked the question on which fruit you needed most in your life? Check out the full sermon, and the discussion questions, in the Venture Church app! (Venture Church - CA) #venturechurchca #encinitas #summerfruitseries #fruitofthespirit

36 0 17-06-2017
  1. Join us THIS Sunday as we celebrate all of you dads out there! We have a special surprise for all of you, as well as a fun game!! We'll also be kicking off our new series called Summer Fruit! Can't wait to see you at 9:00 or 10:45AM! #venturechurchca #encinitas #fathersday #summerfruit #summerfruitseries

43 0 14-06-2017
  1. If you're in Jr. High or High School, don't miss out on our two amazing events happening TONIGHT. Venture678 is our Jr. High group that happens EVERY Wednesday night at 6:45pm in the Student Center and we're also launching tonight our High School group, TRIBE, which takes place EVERY Wednesday night at 7pm in our cafe/lobby. Be sure to join us!! And don't forget to invite a friend! If you have any questions, email #venturechurchca #encinitas #venture678 #venturetribe #youthgroup #wednesdaynights

57 0 14-06-2017
  1. While David offered Mephibosheth a seat at the kings table (2 Samuel 9), Jesus offers us a seat at the table FOREVER. Who are you inviting to the table? If you missed Pastor Troy wrapping up the series on David: Rise. Fall. Redemption, be sure to check out the entire series in our app! #venturechurchca #encinitas #david #sermonseries #theresroomatthetable

36 0 10-06-2017
  1. If you're new to Venture Church within the last few months (or are interested in hearing the Venture story and connecting with others), join us THIS Sunday at 6pm. Dinner will be provided. Childcare also available on site, if needed. Please email if you're interested in attending! Check out the full details in our app! #venturechurchca #encinitas #newcomerconnection #sundaynight #fellowship

45 0 07-06-2017
  1. For all of you Jr. High and High Schoolers!! TONIGHT at 7' we launch our first ONE NIGHT in the main Worship Center at Venture Church. You won't want to miss this incredible night filled with worship, fellowship, a great message, and a chance to make an impact on the world. See all of you 6th-12th graders TONIGHT!! #venturechurchca #encinitas #onenight #onenighttochangetheworld #youthgroup

58 0 06-06-2017
  1. Some times our biggest downfalls are used for His greatest glories. He takes our mess, and turns it into a message. . . If you missed yesterday's message, check out the full sermon in our app (Venture Church - CA), as Pastor Troy continues the store on David: Rise. Fall. Redemption. #venturechurchca #encinitas #david #sermonseries #faithful

29 2 03-06-2017
  1. For all of our Jr. High and High Schoolers (and your friends!), join us this next Wednesday, June 7th, for our very first One Night. This is where we bring both our Jr. High and High Schoolers together for one BIG event held in the main Worship Center. We'll have live worship, games, and relevant teachings. You'll also have the ability to make an impact on the world THAT night. Looking forward to seeing you this coming Wednesday! #venturechurchca #encinitas #onenight #youthgroup #onenighttochangetheworld

49 0 27-05-2017
  1. Join us THIS Sunday for baptisms immediately following our 10:45am gathering. This is an incredible time for those to publicly display their commitment to Christ. We welcome you to hangout afterwards, and celebrate with us! It's also not too late to sign up! If you're interested in getting baptized, or want more info, contact Pastor Troy at: #venturechurchca #encinitas #baptism #baptismsunday #heisfaithful

40 1 26-05-2017
  1. Join us THIS Sunday, May 28th, as we have an Old School Sunday worship set!! Come find out if one of your old favorites made the list! What's YOUR favorite old school worship song? #venturechurchca #encinitas #oldschoolsunday #worship #worshipsetlist

43 0 23-05-2017
  1. "The desire to get even, is the most subtle temptation in all of life". If you missed yesterday's sermon, Pastor Troy talked about David being conscience stricken. Some times the hardest thing we battle, is that will to get even. Check out the full message in our app (Venture Church - CA) to see what David did in that situation, and how God rewarded him! #venturechurchca #encinitas #david #davidseries #trustinhim #heisfaithful